Monday, January 26, 2009

CT scheduled for Friday 1/30/09

Ashley has her quarterly CT this Friday. Hopefully it will be just fine. Her AFP 2 weeks ago was normal so this should be a clean scan. But we always get nervous before any medical visit. Also, we'll find out what the Oncologist thinks about her iron levels. We've been giving her oral iron supplements for about 2 months now. I guess the chemo she had can cause your iron levels to be pretty low.

Keep you fingers crossed that her chest cold and coughing are gone by this Thursday so she can have her CT on Fri. I don't want to schedule it again. Its hard to keep rescheduling. CT's are hard for us because she has to fast... and because she's still breastfeeding... fasting is REALLY difficult when the food supply is right in front of her everytime I pick her up. We're taking she and Whitney to the dentist tomorrow (tues) for their first visit. Hopefully Ashley's teeth are okay. We're concerned about their coloring and think it might be time to ween her. But the coloring may be due to the chemo. We'll find out tomorrow.


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Mako said...

Sorry I haven't posted lately but you know I am always thinking of you guys. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow (reminds me to get Kendan in too!!) and with the CT on Friday. Bummer to miss you at playgroup again though. Hugs to you all!