Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Rollercoaster Ride...

Whew! Wednesday night while Ashley was sleeping I felt her tummy and noticed her left rib cage was asymmetrical to her right. I had noticed this weeks prior but thought it was nothing and decided to keep an eye on it. Well this time it felt "significantly" more elevated than her right so I had Tony feel it. He agreed and we called the Oncology Fellow at 11:30 pm. The doc said we could come to see a doc but didn't think an ER visit was necessary. So I didn't sleep all night. The thought of cancer coming back got the best of both Tony and I. To make matters worse, Tony had to be in Olympia to testify in a court case and couldn't come with me to the doc. Poor Tony wouldn't be able to hear the news on Ashley until after 5 pm on Thursday. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to sit on the witness stand and have to testify all the while your wondering if your daughter's cancer is back. I bet that took 10 years off his life. I feel so bad for him. So... I saw the Doc at 1:30 and they didn't feel anything in her lungs or tummy. The doc said lets do an X-ray to ease your concerns. WHEW!!! A CLEAN X-RAY. The doc said sometimes after a liver surgery the muscles develop differently and that causes asymmetry. I am so happy. I can't begin to tell you the horrible thoughts that were running through my mind. Thoughts no one should ever have to have. So when Tony finally got the news he was driving in Rush Hour traffic home and he was so happy about rush hour traffic. He had just gotten some of the best news of his life so WHO CARES about a little rush hour traffic.

All was AWESOME in the Nakata household last night. Tony is finishing up with a remodeling project at the house and I'm just recovering from a back injury but I'm not afraid for Ashley's life today. Nope, not anymore. Tony took out a railing that separates our kitchen from reck room and added some kitchen cabinets and a new counter top. I'll post before and after photo's when its 100% done. But ITS AWESOME! Life is getting back to normal. Halloween is coming up and last years costumes still fit the girls. So we'll have a cat and mouse again this year. - April
Here is Ashley trying to figure out what that thing is inbetween her legs, and the girls flying high in the sky. Enjoy!


Mako said...

GREAT news, and what a relief that must be. Glad to hear that all is well with the Nakata's. Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

"I'm not afraid for Ashley's life today. Nope, not anymore...Life is getting back to normal."

Wha-hooo! Thank you, April, that's what we want to hear! Yippee! Yay, Ashley! :-)

Kara said...

Hi April,
So glad to see that everything is going well!

FYI, Kasia's abdomen is slightly asymmetrical since her resection too - most noticable when she's lying on her back.

Don't worry, eventually life will return to normal and you'll be allowed off of the rollercoaster!


Betsy James said...

Love to hear the good news! And what great pitcures of the girls in the air! What fun!