Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doing Normal Things takes on new meaning...

We get to do normal things. You have no idea how great this feels. We don't have to worry about an immune system, we don't have to keep Ashley inside at our own home. This means Whitney can do things too. We were so excited, we took them to the Children's Museum in Factoria and afterwards we went to Old Country Buffet. The girls LOVED it. It felt so great to not have to break out the Purell every 10 minutes. Although I still catch myself turning my head to find out where the slightest sniffle, sneeze or cough came from. That is one thing I'll never forget. Each time we went to Children's Hospital Oncology Clinic, if anyone sneezed, blew their nose or coughed everyone in the waiting room turned their head to see who was sneezing. A "cover that cough, sneeze" look sufficed. This habit that will take some time to break.

Did I mention Tony and Whitney got a cold this week. I don't know how Ashley and I stayed healthy. I swear breastfeeding has kept her immune system alive and thriving through out all of this. I think breastfeeding must hyper activate my immune system too. All the more reason to continue. We believe it could have helped save her life.

Now that we're feeling fairly confident Ashley has beat this thing, life is normal. I have to break out my "how to begin disciplining a 21 month old". She's just about ready to learn about the naughty corner. She definitely needs to learn about touching gently. Please send your advice.

Photo's of the girls at the Museum and Ashley and school on her first day. Its hard to tell but her eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back.

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Crystal said...

Wow, the Children's Museum - you must be feeling great to tackle Germ Central like that! :-) Next up... playgroup? We really hope to see you tomorrow at Isabel's!