Friday, October 3, 2008

CT scan... Done. WHEW!

The easiest CT we've ever had. Ashley woke at 7 am and by 10:45 am fell asleep in my arms in just 3 seconds. Whew! They actually sedated her while she was asleep. They used a gas mask and she woke for about 10 seconds but in 5 more seconds was completely out.

So we started at 7:45 am and by 8:45 she actually drank about 2 ounces of this oral contrast solution (mixed with apple juice). She discovered apple juice just 2 days ago so we're so happy that she was able to drink the contrast. NG tube avoided again. Then we have to wait 2 hours for the solution to get to her intestines so we played outside and inside the hopsital.

At 10:45 they called us for our sedation and as I wrote above, she was already asleep. Whew! THe CT took a little longer than we expected because they had to access her port, draw labs, flush her port with heparin then scan her. During the scan they flipped her to her tummy to get a really good look at the lungs. This had us a little nervous as they've never done it before. But the Doc said they do it sometimes because during sedation babies don't take deep breaths. When they don't take deep breaths, its hard to get a good scan unless you flip them onto the tummy. Whew!!! We get the results next Fri. CT and blood work results.
Thursday was Ashley's hearing test and they are concerned that she's lost some high frequency hearing at the normal conversational level, however because of her age she falls into this "black hole" of hearing testing and they want to do a BAER test under full sedation. We personally don't think she's lost any conversational level of hearing, rather she just choose not to respond to the test. So we're going to figure out when we can do the 1.5 hour fully sedated hearing test, hopefully they can do it when they sedate her for port removal surgery.
Photo's are from the CT scan today. Tony helping Ashley drink the contrast solution, Ashley and I playing outside at Children's, and Ashley still asleep after her CT scan. -- April

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