Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fundraiser Oct.11 2008 in Poulsbo for Hepatoblastoma

There is a fundraiser in Poulsbo WA on Oct 11th for Hepatoblastoma. It turns out, not only does Ashley oops... did Ashley have this cancer, but also a close family friend too. Montana Swift is a little girl in Poulsbo WA who survived stage 4 hepatoblastoma. She's 2 years cancer free. Her family and many other parents of Hepatoblastoma survivors have started a Hepatoblastoma foundation.

There is a live Auction and Dinner this Saturday Oct. 11. Here is a poster if anyone is interested in going. If you double click on the poster image, a larger version will come onto your screen. I don't think I can convince Tony to haul both girls on a Sat Night on a ferry but I'll try. Tickets are $75 each and all money raised goes to CureSearch - National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Tickets are available by phone at 360-434-1051. It is at the Kiana Lodge.

Its odd to find someone so close to our family also touched by this disease. I'm happy they have a success story as well.

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