Friday, June 27, 2008

Both Kiddo's are Sleeping...

I'm posting because both kiddo's are sleeping. Ashley is doing much better with this round of Chemo. Being able to administer medications at home through her port is HUGE! Tony is a champ for doing it. She has only had 2 vomiting episodes; 1 at the hospital (really just a spit up) and another at home but due to giving her Dexamethasone (I don't know the spelling) too fast.
It looks like next week we have blood work on Monday. They won't schedule our next blood work appt. until after Monday's visit. Our next chemo round will be around the 14th of July.

I had both girls outside today and we made chalk drawings on the driveway. If you look closely you can see Bert. And Whitney made the sun and started to put a rainbow inside it. And she drew a person she named "Angel". Got to go, Ashley just woke up. -- April


littleleaps said...

I am glad y'all are home and that Ashley is taking her chemo so well. The chalk drawing is great. What wonderful artists they are. I am glad that you got to enjoy the sun all together! It has been nice getting to know you little by little. We are finally out of isolation and hope to go to the RMH on Sunday.
Take Care,

MarkandAmy said...

Nakata Family,
I've been keeping up with Ashley through your blog. I had April and Whitney in toddler group a few years ago and I remember how excited we all were when April was pregnant with Ashley. You have always been amazing, dedicated parents and after reading these last few weeks, I know that hasn't changed! My heart aches for you. I am a childhood cancer survivor (I was also treated at Children's in Seattle 23 years ago)and when I look back I realize how much my parents went through. I know you would both change places with Ashley in a heartbeat. I know how awful it is to wait for test results and blood count results. Just know that you just being there for Ashley means so much. Playing in the sun and drawing with chalk - all those "normal" (whatever that is) life things are so meaningful. I know it was much more difficult on my parents than it was me but I am so thankful that I had them there by my side. I know Ashley too, is so grateful for you both as parents! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you all. You continue in my thoughts and prayers.
Amy (Teacher Amy to Whitney :))

Jennifer Robinson said...

I am a friend of Katie Clayton's. Her daughter has the same cancer as yours. I saw your post on Willamina's site and clicked on yours. We will add your family to our prayers each night. I read your blog and am once again amazed by the strength of parents going through this!! I have 3 children and the youngest is the same age as your youngest. I can't imagine what you are going throuhg. I don't know you or your family, but please know that someone in Hoopeston, Illinois will be praying for you and your family daily! May God watch over you and your family and give you the strength to carry on!!

Jennifer Robinson
Hoopeston, Illinois