Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're done with Monday's chemo...

We're home from Monday's chemo treatment. I will say that we have had just one minor vomiting episode (reallly just a spit up) at the hospital. We got trained in administering her meds and fluids through her port. Tony is now qualified to access her port with IV tubing and administer Meds and IV fluids. Its amazing how quickly they taught him this. It was about 5 hours worth of training at the hospital today and KABOOM... he can now be a stay at home nurse! HA HA!

Children's hospital did an AMAZING job trying to get us an at home nurse but in the end they didn't feel comfortable with the quality of care we might get and we agreed. We felt more comfortable if we just learned how to take care of her ourselves.

I need to be quick here. We're back to Children's tomorrow for two more chemo drugs. Hopefully we make it through the next 10 days with miminal vomiting. For now we're happy (Ashley is asleep on my lap and Whitney just got home from Grandma and Grandpa's). Got to go. -- April


Mako said...

Yay! Yet another big treatment behind you. How great that Tony can now administer Ashley's medication. How empowering to have some control over an otherwise helpless situation. I hope Ashley's body continues to tolerate these treatments well, sounds like she's handling it much better this time, and so do you. Take care and thank you so much for updating us!!

Crystal said...

More good news - thank you for sharing it! I can tell from the frequency of your posts that you must be starting to get back somewhere near "normal" - and no news is usually good news right now! :-) Yay for all of you! We're still sending our positive thoughts that everything will continue to improve as it has been.