Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're done with Wed's Chemo Dose...

We're home from Wed's Chemo dose. Each time we do chemo there are 3 drugs. The first drug Cisplatin is delivered and we must stay in the hospital a minimum of overnight. Then we come back into the hospital but not admitted, rather we just go to the HemOc clinic and they use a syringe and push two more chemo meds into her port. Typically we are on a Wed/Fri schedule for Chemo but its all dependent on Ashley's ANC numbers. They have to be at least 1000 for chemo. Hers didn't hit 1000 until a Monday therefore we had Chemo on a Mon/Wed rotation. Again our dates are also based upon if the hospital is full or not.

So we're home and she's doing great, I hope this lasts a long time. She vomited one time today but we think its because Tony pushed one of her meds into her IV line too fast. (30 seconds when it should have been 3 minutes.) It was an accident and things happen when your baby is fussy and your trying to inject meds into her and keep a sterile environment. Tony does a great job. - April

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Susan said...

Sounds like Tony might have a new career in medicine! Glad to hear Ashley is doing better with this next round of chemo. We're thinking of you all and hope we can see you soon. Love, Susan