Friday, August 1, 2008

Good News!

No Blood Transfussion. Her platelets and hematocrit are climbing so no transfussion today. You have no idea how happy I am for this news. Her ANC number is just 32. Basically, if she spikes a fever we have 1 hour to get to the Hospital and we'd be admitted until her fever dropped to normal. I'm trying to keep her healthy.

Her UTI is GONE! Yah!

No appointments till Mon. - See ya. Have a good weekend. - April


Crystal said...


Mako said...

Great news! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, you guys are doing such an awesome job through all of this, hang in there for the final stretch!!!

Pam Okano said...

Tony and April, I didn't hear about any of this until recently. My heart goes out to you but I am happy to hear that Ashley is doing better and that her prognosis seems to be good. Hang in there--I know there are days when you just wonder whether you can take any more, but those pass and it sounds like the light is at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes,

Pam Okano

Andrea said...

That is good news. Stay healthy, Ashley! Hugs to you all.

Joy Enge said...

Hi, I am responding to your post on cancer kids. We live in New Prague just south of you and attend church in prior lake!! Nice to meet someone else going through a simialr experience. Ashley seems to be doing great. Are you at Children's in Mpls or St. Paul? We were treated at the U of M Children's Hospital. My main advice is to make sure they closely monitor the AFP levels, it is a very sensitive indicator of tumor growth, make sure they check it at least monthly for at least 6 months. I will keep you in my prayers, really thank God that this was found early, my daughter had four lesions all throughout her liver by the time she was diagnosed. Try to stay positive (I know it's hard) but it helps. Here is my direct email if you want to chat jenge@bevcomm net

lexiefaith said...

Hi! My name is Jessica Cain and I found your blog through cancerkids. My daughter was diagnosed in Octoer of last year. Hard to believe it has been almost a year. It seems like your daughte is making great progress quickly. My daughter had a living dnor transplant (her father the donor) in January. 2 days before she turned 1. If you have questions or need to talk feel free to contact me. I love to talk to other families going through this.

Check out my daughters story.
cp name: lexiefaithcain