Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photo's of Ashley's Journey

Hi, I haven't ever posted photo's of Ashley in the hospital for her liver surgery. Maybe because we didn't want to take any. We just wanted to forget this situation. We took a couple of her liver resection surgery in May. Here they are. This is the only time I'll post them and the only reason I'm doing it is because this blog is such a great place to document things. Again, these are from her May 16th liver resection hospital stay. - April


Kara said...

April, I know exactly how you feel. The thought of taking pictures of Kasia after her surgery was almost sickening to us, but the nurses encouraged us to take some and I'm now glad that they did. (Even though in all honesty, I only took about 4 photos in total.)

Looking back at them is painful at times, but it also reminds us how far we've come and how strong our little girl (and yours) truly is.

Claire said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures April. We didn't take any of Luke after his resection as we didn't even think of it to be honest but in someways I wish we had to see how far he has now come. Our kiddies are so strong. xx from Lukes_mummy

Katie Clayton said...

I have spent the last hour or so reading up on your daughter's HB journey. She certainly is a beautiful little girl.
We are hoping to make it to surgery or transplant in the next few weeks. Ugh! Always something! I will be checking your blog to see how things are going! (And don't worry about your post on Willamina's site:)Lots of people have done the same thing:)
Katie Clayon
Mother to Willamina