Sunday, August 10, 2008

It was a pretty good week considering...

Considering we have a child with cancer... oops I forgot, its gone; but we still have to do chemo on Wed. We have a little cancer patient who is getting hives from something. I don't know what. We can't figure it out. Food; we can't figure it out. She's been getting hives for a week now. They come and go. The doctors are not concerned unless he has a fever or her breathing is impacted.

This week has been so normal, other than the two blood appointments and the hives, its been normal. We took the boat to Lake Washington and Ashley loved it. We got to go FAST and she would open up the fingers on both hands and shake her hands in front of her face in the wind. She finally loved boating fast. Maybe because she just woke from a long nap.
I was so excited on Friday as I got to watch Whitney at her swimming lesson. I haven't seen Whitney at swimming lessons since April.

We received another generous and completely overwhelming gift today from all the relatives in Tony's family. Those on Bainbridge Island and those on the mainland. (Funny, saying mainland makes me think of when we're in Hawaii.) Here is a photo of the poster and all the packages people sent. I can't begin to tell you the chaos that followed when Whitney and Ashley tore into the packages. I've decided that my new role for the next 10 years might be "Referee". The gifts were amazing. TONS of stuff the girls love. And coffee, chocolate, cookies, grocery gift cards, clothing, Diet Coke, Dora toys, cash, books... the list goes on. It is truly overwhelming all of the support we've received from friends and family.

I remember back in May when Ashley was first diagnosed, we weren't sure if we should tell anyone. Tony wanted to but I was afraid. I guess I just didn't want to burden anyone with such horrible news. Knowing a loved one has cancer is a HUGE load to carry and having that loved one be your daughter is most unbelievably indescribable web of emotions. Its a lot to carry. But having told everyone and having this blog has helped our family so much. We hope we've helped you too. Everyone who has checked in with this blog I'm certain has been touched with deep thoughts and emotions they never knew before. I believe our family has done well because of the support from all of you. These gifts for us bring Joy to our chaotic life. Its so fun to see packages on our door step and watching the girls enjoy them is truly priceless. For all those gifts and for all these memories your helping to create for our family, we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Okay, I'm crying now. - Lets hope for a good week of Chemo. Our last one. - April


karen said...

Hi Tony and April,
We missed your family at our reunion but our thoughts and prayers were with you. We look forward to seeing your whole family next year. The pictures are fun. Whitney looks like she loves the water.
One more to go and then hopefully life will return to normal and you will be on the run taking the girls everywhere.
Love, Karen

Susan said...

April and Tony,

Thank you so much for sharing this inexplicable experience with your friends and family via this blog. Good luck to Ashley on her last chemo treatment! I can't wait for the time when I can see her, Whitney and you again - in person - when you don't have to be afraid of germs and infections.