Friday, July 11, 2008

Another day behind us...

Whew! I'm exhausted. Today was another big procedure day. CT Scan, bloodwork, Doc visit, Pentamadine inhaliation (don't laugh at my spelling). But we're finally home. Ashley was at Children's for 9 hours today and Whitney came for a bit also. Here's the results...

CT scan... everything looks NORMAL! Thats all they said. Lungs, Kidney's, Liver all normal. I don't know if that means her liver is now grown back. All the doc said is everything looks normal and they don't see any turmors.

Bloodwork... not so good. Again her ANC is just 77. If below 200 and she gets a fever we have 1 hour to get her to the hospital. Because her ANC is so low, they're delaying chemo another week. Her platelets and red blood counts look good so no transfusion necessary. Because it takes her ANC so long to recover, after the next round of chemo they'll give her a shot to help her bone marrow produce more neutraphils faster and thereby making her ANC number recover quicker.

The Pentamadine inhaliation... went GREAT. It was so cute to see Whitney in the procedure room with us wearing a mask. You know... those face masks they hand out all over Children's to keep kids who have coughs from spreading germs every place. She was a CHAMP. They gave Whitney some playdough and she shared it with Ashley. Whitney sure was good. She will probably be a doctor some day.

I'm not doing so well emotionally lately. Sometimes it just creeps up on me and I cry. I know she's going to make it, but just this entire journey is really tough. I just hate these CT's. I hate having to make her fast. Its so hard to watch your baby cry hystirically and do the milk sign but you can't feed her. I just don't wish these experiences on anyone. Cancer, no matter what type, is a horrible thing. All the tests really take its toll on one's emotions.

On a Positive note. THANK YOU MAKO!!!!! You saved us today by watching Whitney. Its so nice to know I have such good friends that can help me with the kids. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to ask so when I do ask I'm pretty desperate. Thank you SOOOOO Much! I heard you baked a cake with Whitney. You had your little girl for part of the day. How FUN!!!

Thank you to all of our friends and family for sending gifts and cards. They really do mean a lot. We read all your emails and cards. We're sorry we are too busy to send out thank you's but please know we appreciate all that you have done for us. -- April

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Laura said...

Thanks so much for giving us the URL to your blog. Now we can stay on top of the wonderful progress that Ashley is making. I know that this is extremely difficult on everyone but hopefully it will be over soon. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need us. We are thinking about you.

Your neighbors, Laura, Jim, Julia, Jacqueline and Jessica