Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hepatoblastoma and Remission...

Even though her cancer is in Remission... we still have chemo. Just one more round. We just got home from her 5fu and vincristine doses. Ashley fell asleep and here's Tony giving her anti nausa meds (zofran, benadryl, reglan).

Just one more chemo round to go and then we'll be monitored a lot for the next year. Monthly blood tests and quarterly CT scans.

Bad news... Ashley has another UTI and its E-coli again. No matter how many diaper changes we do or how we do them (wipe vs wash her body in the sink) she seems prone to UTI's. We've asked our Oncology docs to have the Urologist look at her recent CAT scan to figure out why she keeps getting them. For now we're struggling getting her to take the antibiotics and they don't come in IV form. Sigh.

Its a UTI.. its not cancer. I'm trying to keep things in perspective. At least we caught the UTI before her white blood counts got to low. Whew! -- April


Cheryl said...

Hi Tony, April & girls,

What great news that Ashley only has one more round of chemo and that her CAT scan looks great! We hope her UTI clears up soon. Thanks for the regular posts; it really helps us stay up to date on how you all are doing. We think of you often and hold you in our prayers!

Cheryl & Aaron

Jessica said...

How wonderful chemo is nearly done. Poor thing, UTI's bite! Big hugs & prayers.