Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chemo Postponed

Ashley's ANC was only 77, so no Chemo. We wait a week. It's probably better anyways since Grandpa and Grandma aren't feeling so well.
Here are the kids playing in the sprinkler Saturday. First time in the sprinkler for Ashley. Ashley loves to watch Whitney run. Always laughs. Funny it was the same thing for Whitney only it was Musashi running then.
The hat Ashley is wearing was given to her at Children's. A small foundation that gives hats to kids with Cancer. It says "Life is Good!"
It is!


karen said...

What an adorable picture of the girls. They look so happy and playful. You sound like you are holding up well to all of the things that are coming your way. I think of you often and I pray for Ashley.
Thanks for the pics. They are fun to look at.
Love, Karen

Mako said...

Oh, I LOVE the pic, by the way!!! It just captures the both kids' resilience and care-free spirit even during this challenging time.