Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things a 4 yr old says that brings tears to your eyes...

This morning Ashley was asleep in my arms and our 4 yr old Whitney was stroking her head and giving her kisses on the cheek. She said "I love my little sister even though she has cancer". "I know she's getting better, right?".

Whitney had her 4 yr well baby check up this past week. Tony and I agree - it was a breeze. After all that Ashley has gone through, we don't sweat Whitney's appointments. If she has to get a shot... who cares, its not cancer. Thats my new motto when Whitney spills her milk or has a mild meltdown or when something doesn't go as she planned... "Its not cancer Whitney". She seems to get it!

Here are the girls this last week. Ashley takes time to smell the "roses", she loves grandpa and loves giving hi-5's to daddy. Whitney got a new outfit from Great Grandma Shimizu and loves bike riding.
It looks like Ashley can attend preschool school in September. Yahoo!!! Look at how big those flowers are. Those are the ones Whitney planted at preschool - April

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