Monday, July 21, 2008


There is no visible sign of cancer in Ashley's body on a CAT scan. Her AFP number, which is a blood marker consistent with Hepatoblastoma is now 7.3. Anything under 12 is considered normal. It started at 83,800. We were admitted this morning for round 3 of chemotherapy. Only 1 more after this one! We will go home tomorrow if there is no vomiting. Then be back on Wednesday for the rest of chemo.

She will still have monthly blood tests and quarterly CAT scans for a year. Then it will space out after that.

The doctors said she has grown. She has gained about 1.5 lbs since diagnosis and looks taller lying in the bed. One of the tipoffs on the diagnosis was Ashley hadn't gained weight from January to May. Now she is thriving like a normal baby. Except for those 3 teeth and no sleep she is doing great. They gave us Oxycodone for her teeth pain. Seems like bringing a bazooka to a sword fight, but she can't have Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It masks a fever, and affects the blood for possible transfusions.

This is a "GREAT NEWS DAY"! and something we have been hoping for and needed for a little confidence boost.



Mako said...

WOO HOO! The news brings tears to my eyes, it's a day we all envisioned but wasn't sure when. Ashley has just proven to us that she can get through ANYTHING in life, can't wait to see what she accomplishes next :-) Congratulations to all of you!
Lots of love, Mako and the boys

Kara said...

I've been peeking in on your blog every now and then - as the mom of a hepatoblastoma survivor. I'm so glad to read your great news today. An AFP of 7 is certainly reason to celebrate!!

Mom to 3-year old Kasia

Crystal said...

Great news... I'll say!!! Whoo-hoo! We've been out of town (sorry that I've been a bit out of touch lately!), and this is such wonderful news to come back to! Yay, Ashley, you're my hero!

Andrea said...

What great news! Way to go, all of you and especially Ashley. Hope the rest of the treatment goes by quickly and uneventfully. Thanks for sharing the great news.