Sunday, May 18, 2008

Half Baby-Half AMAZING!

The size of the tumor was about the size of a grown mans fist. Unbelievable.

We first heard that we would be in the hospital for 2-4 weeks. I think that would of been the case if we need to transplant. Then they told us about a week for her procedure. Then after the surgery they said 5 days.

At about 5:00 tonight they disconnected everything. The epidural, the catheter, both IV's, yeah she had 2, the drain coming out under her ribs, the blood pressure monitor, the Oxygen sensor and the heart monitor. She has no fever either. She is on Oxycodone oral medication. She is not vomiting, and she is breastfeeding almost normally.

She pooped 2 times last night. That's big. I guess when they go in and move the liver around, they also move her bowels and intestines around. They get inflammed. That's why they don't want her to eat till they hear bowel sounds or farting. Never wished so hard for a fart in my life. She had bowel sounds her first night.

We sat outside on a patio with her in April's lap. It was wonderful and a beautiful night.

We saw one of the surgeons in the cafeteria and she said that kids process pain differently. They don't know why they don't need as many narcotics as adults.

If there is no fever tonight and no vomiting, we are probably going to go home tomorrow! AMAZING.



Crystal said...

That Ashley, she's one heck of a kid. From now on, we're only expecting greatness from her. :-) It's impossible to imagine "why" this happened to such a young child, but maybe it's best that she's so young and has been able to deal with it so easily - and won't remember any of it! That's certainly a blessing. Here's hoping your remaining hours in the hospital are so restful and healing that they kick you out tomorrow!

Irene said...

Wow, what an strong little girl you have! We are all so happy that
Ashley has had such a great outcome. It is an answer to many prayers. Continue to heal quickly Ashley! We'll continue to pray for healing, comfort and rest for you all.
Love, Renie et al

Andrea said...

That is amazing. Way to go, Ashley! What a strong fighter she is. Here's hoping you are discharged tomorrow so Ashley can continue to heal and you all can rest in the comfort of your own home.