Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kidney Test & Hearing Test

Ashley had a hearing test last Wednesday and today (Tue 5/27) we were at the Hospital again for a kidney test. Both tests are to establish a baseline as the chemo drugs can affect both. She'll be re-tested again before beginning her 3rd Chemo round.

Tomorrow (Wed 5/28) we go in for surgery at 7:45 am. They'll install a port-o-cath into her chest. After recovery (maybe an hour or two) they'll inject her first Chemo drug. Cystplatin (spelling??? I'll check that later). It looks like they might let us come home provided things go okay. Then we're back to Children's on Friday for two more chemo drugs.

We'll update more as we get it. Her spirits are good. Great actually. She loves to dance. We're trying to think of outdoor things she can do to replace her sandbox habit. That sandbox is forbidden this summer. If you have any safe non-toxic ideas, please share. - April


Crystal said...

Good luck tomorrow. We're hoping she does just as well with this next challenge as she's done with everything so far! She's a tough one, that kid.

* Gazillion Splash Bubble Sprinkler (or just different types of bubbles)

*Ball pit! You might try a Jump-o-lene filled with balls - both kids would love it.

*Step 2 River Run Waterpark

Susan said...

We'll be thinking of you all tomorrow - knowing that Ashley will do as well as she's done with all the other procedures so far.
Susan, Kestutis and Simon.

Mako said...

We will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Ashley is one tough cookie--it was unbelieveable how amazing she looked last Friday. I always think of Ashley doing the "hot dog dance" and it always makes me laugh! One idea--fill a small tub(those 2-3 gallon snap lid containers are great) with all sorts of sensory things--flax seed, uncooked rice, splitpeas, etc. It's a great sensory experience to replace her sandbox. Thanks for keeping us updated too! Hugs to you all. Mako and the boys

Andrea said...

We'll definitely be thinking of you all tomorrow. Hmmm, ideas for summer activities? Chalk, paintbrushes, sprinkler. Both girls seemed to like the easel last Friday. You could get a plastic one to keep outside & have the girls use chalk, paint, & magnetic letters on it. You could also have a variety of paintbrushes (big & little) and just let Ashley "paint" with water on the deck. Maybe a kiddie-sized wheelbarrow so Ashley can put things in & out while pushing it around your yard. Hope everything goes well this week.
Andrea & family