Friday, May 16, 2008


Those were the words of the surgeon. All of the prayers and thoughts must have been heard.

It went better than we could of hoped for! Turns out that they did not have to cut off one of the two main blood supplys. After getting in there they were able to ultrasound the tumor and remove it only. They did so with what they called "good margins". What that means is that there is about a centimeter of good tissue that they cut out around the tumor. Or so they think. It won't be confirmed until pathology looks at it with results on Tuesday.

There are 4 stages of cancer. Stage 4 is the worst when it has travelled, then 3 that is where they see "visible hunks". Stage two" you think you get it all but margins aren't great or there is a part of thin margin. Stage 1: you get it all. He thinks it will be stage 1 or 2, but could very well be stage 1. The very best stage. I guess the operation went about as good as it could go. I guess there was very little blood loss, whick is unusual in a liver resection.

He told us that it would grow back in about 2-3 months!

When we first saw Ashley wake up. She sat up and cried mama. She can't eat anything until her stomach "wakes up". She wants to eat badly and does the milk sign. She got mad and flailed her legs. All of these are good signs. She stood up later and tried to walk to April. She is doing pretty awesome, groggy but pretty good.

She has 2 IV's, a cathater, an epidural, and a drain coming out from under her rib cage. Gradually these will be taken out.

Sorry it took so long to update. By the time we got our room and ate it was getting pretty late.

Mama and Ashley are sleeping right now.

I know there is still more to go, but for right now I'm one happy dude!



Andrea said...

Remarkably fantastic - what a relief to hear those words! We've been holding our breath waiting for news. We're so glad that the surgery went smoothly. Children are so resilient and it sounds like Ashley is fighting to be back to herself. She'll be dancing again in no time! Hope you are all able to rest and recuperate. Thank you for the update.
Andrea and Family

Mako said...

That is such GREAT news!!! We so appreciate you updating us when you must be incredibly exhausted from a long day. Hope you all sleep well tonight and have a speedy recovery in the days to come. Way to go Ashley!!!! Mako and the boys

Crystal said...

Oh wow, the news we've all be hoping for! If I feel this good, I can't imagine how good you guys feel. Now you can just spend some time resting and being happy. You must be incredibly exhausted after this week... but think, you've done all this in a week! I'm sure this struggle will continue to be quick, and eventually it'll be just a little blip in your family history.

Take care,
Crystal & family

Brian Anderson said...

I'm so glad that surgery went so well, I hope that's the way this whole process continues to go! I'm sure it's so hard for her but our kids are troopers and I hope you guys get some sleep. Thanks so much for keeping us updated and we'll continue to pray for you guys. Kelli and the boys

Jason said...

awesome. we're thinking about you guys every day. jason, whitney, celia, clara.