Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday evening... We went to the ER at 3 am

Wednesday evening Ashley developed a fever. She hadn't vomited for 12 hours but she was feverish. We called the onconogist/hemotologist. They said basically not to give her any tylenol/ibprophen because it can cause bleeding issues during surgery. This was at 9 pm. By 11 pm her fever was around 99. We called the doctor again. They don't get concerned unless the fever is in the 100's. If we're concerned they told us to take her to our Ped. By 1 am her fever was around 100.7 and she would moan each time she'd wake in her sleep. She's twist her body into the "butt up" position on the bed and just moan. Her fever would spike then fall. She was hydrated as we could see tears. Her breathing seemed labored i.e. short, shallow. We called the Doc again. "Bring her into Children's Hospital ER".

We called Grandma and Grandpa at 2 am and they came over to watch Whitney as we headed to the ER. We had so many tests done. Chest X-ray, another IV so they could get blood work, a booger smear from her nose, Blood pressure. Of course before we could begin the blood work, we had to get a sick, groggy often awake but really tired and sleepy baby to drink some "valium" type of medication. The first syringe... she spit the entire thing out. 30 minutes and another syringe later she finally got the medicine in her and went to sleep. Whew! Her fever was normal upon checking into the ER but it would spike. By 8 am it was 102.

Tony and I were up all night. They found no chest conjestion which is good because this means they probably wouldn't postpone her surgery on Friday. Her blood work indicated her white blood cell count had doubled within the last two days so she's fighting off something. They don't know what it is. We're still waiting for the "booger smear" results.

We left the ER around 9:30 am and are home. We've been sleeping. I just woke up to update the blog. Ashley is still warm but they allowed us to give her Fever All. Its basically Tylenol and given in the butt. NICE Visual Eh! I"ll update more as we get it. We just need her to be tough and pray the surgery isn't cancelled. Then again, the doctors know best and if they believe the surgery should be cancelled until she's feeling better, I guess that's the right call. Right now we're on a wait and see basis. -- April


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, what a night. As if you didn't have enough to deal with! Poor little Ashley. I hope you all rest up tonight and Ashley is well enough for surgery. But like you said, if she's not, then whatever is best for her. Hang in there.

Crystal said...

Argh! You poor things. I'll be focusing tons of get-well energy her way tonight in the hopes that you can carry out the surgery tomorrow as planned. We'll be anxiously awaiting your next update....