Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home at last!

Ashley on the Tuesday, May 20th. You'd never know by looking at her.

I don't think the surgeon who cut out the tumor thought he would get the response that we gave him upon delivering the news. The news was the it is cancer. Hepatoblastoma. They cut it out with clean margins making it Stage 1. We cried.
I think it was going so well that we started to truly believe that it was benign and this wasn't really happening and that they'd cut it out and there would be no chemo and things would be normal again. I for some reason thought that we'd go home and recover for 3 or 4 weeks or so and things would be kind of the same. I guess not. It's probably why the doctors on the initial consultation don't tell you too much of what is going to happen because it would be too overwhelming.
We got our Chemo regiment for Ashley. There is no waiting. As the doctor said, this is "major stuff" and the line I can't get out of my head "the greatest risk to her life will be this thing coming back in the next year or two". Those are the thoughts I fight myself from thinking of. Sometimes those thought slip in anyways. We got home and we should be happy. I'm telling Grandma and Grandpa about the chemo and can barely keep it together. They were there to refocus me on the positives. Thanks mom and dad for everything.
So tomorrow we are right back there for a test on her hearing. This Chemo is tough the ears and the kidneys. They will test her hearing and kidneys to make sure they can take the Chemo. I don't know what they do if the tests aren't good. Then a days rest. Then and 8 hour IV drip kidney test on Thursday or Friday. Next week another surgery to insert a catheter into Ashley's little chest. They will deliver all the Chemo through that, take her blood draws from there. Another overnight at the hospital. They will also administer the first session of Chemo. She will have 3 more overnight stays at the hospital on 3 week intervals after that.
Ashley sat in her high chair tonight and ate, smiled and laughed. I haven't seen that in a couple of weeks. It was a great sight. Tony.


Crystal said...

What a trooper - that kid looks like a million bucks. Don't forget to eat, breathe, smile... this will all be behind you soon. In the meantime, remember that we're still here for you in every way! Please stay in touch with the moms, and don't hesitate to tell us what you need - food, errands, play dates, babysitting, company... you name it!

Irene said...

Ashley looks great! Curt and I were talking about the whole progression of events and he was commenting on what a great pediatrician you have. She (or be) probably saved her life by finding her enlarged liver during a routine exam. We are so fortunate to have such great pediatric medical care in our region. We'll pray that Ashley flies through her next procedure and chemo with flying colors. Keep strong and positive, I know you have a ton to be thankful for.
Love, Renie

Teacher Susan said...

I've honestly been hesitant to even look at Ashley's blog. You know, the idea that if I pretended this wasn't really happening then it wasn't. Sigh. Reality check! But what a great one!!

Am so relieved to hear that Ashley is so strong and resilient. Wonderfully amazed at all the good news: nursing, HOME, alert and social, good margins, sailed through surgery and on and on.

Whitney has been holding up remarkably well on her own at school. She is relaxed and chatty. She is great about telling a grown-up (especially Mama Teresa) if she needs anything. I know she must be proud of herself and we all share her joy.

I tend to be a worrier, too. I project into the future all the time. But, as Ashley is reminding us, we only have "right now." So, please try not to project and worry. The future will happen without our concern. This is the time for cuddling up, laughing out loud, and enjoying your precious family.

Hugs and high fives to all! Teacher Susan

Scott said...

It's so awesome to see that Ashley is doing so well! She looks like she could be almost ready to do a Sean Kemp slam dunk!
We have been thinking about you guys a lot during all of this.
Take care,
Scott, Dodie, Sydney, and Benjamin.

Crystal said...

It was great to see you guys today!!! You all are doing SO well. You seem to be in a good place considering everything. Keep up the smiles and laughter, and this next set of hurdles won't phase you.