Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're home and optomistic...

Well MOnday was tough but its Tues. afternoon and we're home. The IV was precautionary against dehydration because she would nurse but not swallow. The oxycocdone causes that. We reduced her meds and she began nursing fine. I was mentally a mess last night, I wanted to just leave the hospital... check out and go home with Ashley. I didn't but I did walk out of the building with her and my belongings.

They put more IV fluids in her Monday night and this morning she was nearly normal. The Pathology came back. Its Hepatoblastoma stage 1. They got it all out surgically but she needs chemo. She'll have surgery again next week where they'll install a port-o-cath for chemo treatments. Her first chemo treatment will be the day after surgery for the port-o-cath. We'll be admited for each Chemo round for about 24 hours. It takes about 6 hours just to deliver the meds.

If your child gets cancer, you hope for the best. You hope its Hepatablastoma, you hope the surgeons cut the thing out 100% and you hope for stage 1. That is what we have! We have hope and very high survival rates. Chemo will not kill her! Her greatest risk is re-infection of Hepatablastoma after Chemo is done. The first 1 year after Chemo is the most difficult for re-infection. After 1 year things drop down as far as likelyhood of recurrance.

We're home and I probably won't take Ashley anywhere for a while. No school next year. We're investing in auto-dispensing Purell for our house. We need lots of hand washing. Oh... She vomited on the way home from the Hospital today. We think she is just nausous from the drive and drugs. We'll keep an eye on her. We love her so much - April

Oh-- I forgot to mention. We finally know why she had high fevers, vomiting when we went to the ER last Thursday morning (the day before surgery). She has another Urnairy tract infection. That story and how I learned of the infection is what made me so ANGRY and SAD and I wanted to leave the Hosptal Monday night. All I have to say is ALWAYS follow up with your doc's. Even if they say they'll call you. You call them first and hound them.


Crystal said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

We're so glad to hear that the results are the best scenario for having Hepatoblastoma. You all did amazing with these first few big hurdles. We're totally behind you as you continue on this fight. Hope you all get good rest at home. Also hope Whitney is doing okay!
Andrea and family